My Story

In Full Transparency

The Origins of my Passion

Having grown up in foster care,  I had lost faith in the system! I moved from city to city & from home to home through my entire childhood and teenage years.  I decided to go into the legal field in hopes of changing the world but at some point in my self-actualization journey, I realized that change had to start inside of me.  Sure! It would have been easier to simply harden - become angry and bitter, not caring about the next person as it felt like no one cared for me - especially with all of the stereotypes that come along with being a black woman in North America! Some stereotypes of which I actually fit into for reasons far beyond my control.  Instead, I chose the harder road - I didn't want to live life as a pity party or a victim of my circumstances.  I was too strong for that.  I decided to take full control of my life (as much control as possible), looked deep in myself and realized that in order to help myself I needed to help others!

As I embarked on my journey for change, I found the more I was able to help others, the better I felt about myself, about life, and about people.  As I continued to grow into myself, I began to realize who I am and developed a strong desire  and determination to make things easier for others.  The felt the best way I could do this would be by using the skills I have pushed myself to learn and use them to make a difference for others who need what I can offer.


I began freelance work. With great influences in my life, I was able to learn the art of business and entrepreneurship straight out of highschool.  As I helped close friends develop their businesses, I began to piece together what I knew from working as an employee for larger corporations and what I learned in business school.  I used this knowledge and began offering services independently - marketing mysef on Linkedin, Fiverr, Upwork, and even Kijiji - I even got work through referrals. These were just odd jobs here and there; however, more recently I realized my impact was not big enough.  I wanted to take my help to a whole new level by creating solutions for startup and small businesses because this is where the majority of the work/help I offered happened.  Throughout the years, I noted the most common challenges I have seen startups face - most especially the startups I assisted for people closest to me (my friends, where it all began).  I realized these startups mostly failed because they lacked a crucial resource/solution most large corporations have at their disposal - Administrators!  The people who keep a company's internal systems running smoothly - because, lets face it, you can be making sales and making moves but if your back end isn't properly managed, that money is going out the window. Revenue doesn't equal income and money problems is the number one reason small businesses fail.  When I looked at the statistics and seen that the vast majority of small businesses failed within the first 5 years of their launch I just knew this is where I was meant to be.  I did more research and realized that the failures mainly stemmed from problems with revenue operations.  That is when I came up with my business idea and it all began!

I created Managr Administrative Solutions from the ground up.  Every process and system uniquely created - no copy and paste.  I did a solid year of research before putting every process into place and I did it al by myself for quality control and assurance. In total, I spent 2 years of my life in the research and preparation process alone and it was worth it for me.  I haven't felt more fulfilled with anything I have accomplished before this point.

My Professional Life

A little bit about my professional life, I am a paralegal by education/experience and an administrative specialist - the two really go hand in hand.  As a paralegal, much of the work I do with lawyers is in the management of administrative tasks coupled with an abundance of research. Also, an autodidact, I busied myself with the problems of startups and small businesses. 


At some point in my career, I felt like there was more I could be doing, I just wasn't sure how... and that is how I went full force into the art of business, taking on the lovely world of entrepreneurship!

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