Hey There, I'm Lise!

Me in 15 Seconds:
  • Paralegal and Administrative Specialist by education and experience;
  • Conceptual creative;
  • Based in Alberta, Canada;
  • Creative Director of a non-profit organization that provides school materials & support services to low-income children/youth;
  • Advocate for remote work, user data privacy and the open web!

What I Do

Various Research

Legal, Industry, Customer

  Experience, Market

  Validation, Academic, Etc.

Business Management Support 


  Optimizing Operations

• Information Management

• Client Management

• Social Media Management

• Virtual Assistance With

  Daily Tasks

Content Creation/Design

• Website Builder Design

• UX/UI design

• Copywriting

Business/Project Strategy

• Development & Execution

Get in touch with me so we can collaborate on your next project!  |  +1 587-487-3371

Thanks for reaching out!

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